Yung Pinch: Beach Boy

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Yung Pinch is a newer artist coming out of Huntington Beach, California, who recently he has been amassing millions of plays on his songs and videos. Pinch has been working with big names in the industry such as Zaytoven and more. He also opened for Young Thug, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Nipsey Hussle, Ty Dolla $ign, Nate Dogg, Lil Uzi Vert and Playboi Carti.  He also did a No Jumper interview that was very successful in bringing him more attention. His signature sound really brings a new perspective to  common trap beats with his mix of melodic vocals and rapping and his many beach references.

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Here are some of my favorite works by him:

When I was Yung:

Rock With Us:

Mr. Miyagi:

Heat ft. Zaytoven

Here’s his No Jumper Interview:

I would definitely recommend to look out for him in the future and I hoped you enjoyed the article. Thanks.


Cool Cars

Here are some of the coolest cars that I want.

  1. Rolls Royce Wraith

One of my favorite cars, a Rolls Royce Wraith, on top of looking dope af, the interior is incredibly luxurious. Can’t wait to get one of these when I’m older lol.


2. Forgiato Stingray Corvette

A bit of a step down from the Rolls Royce, the Forgiato Corvette is crazy. It also can rip up a track at insane speeds.


3. Mercedes SL 300 Gullwing (1954)

This classic Mercedes is amazing.


4. Tesla Semi Truck

Imagine driving this around Mariemont. Insane!!


Lastly, Idk what car this is but its incredible…


What Im watching-11/19

Here are the top 4 shows I’ve been watching as of 11/19/17.

  1. Nathan For You – Hosted by Nathan Fielder on Comedy Central, Nathan For You might just be the greatest show in existence. It has been and will most likely always be one of my favorites. The basic premise is to help small struggling business generate business through ridiculous yet genius marketing tactics using legal loopholes and more. But it is a whole lot more than that, Fielders dry humor, awkwardness and wit really make the show great and probably one of the funniest most underrated shows around. You can watch some of it on youtube also. Would definitely recommend checking it out.
    Nathan Fielder with Mac Demarco

    2. Portlandia- Portlandia, starring Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein, is another great show I would recommend checking out. The show mostly pokes fun at hipster culture and more centered around Portland, Oregon but the unique, entertaining comedic angle gives the show a lot of flair and pulls the viewer in. There’s also a lot of cool guest stars like Jack White, Tim Hiedecker and a ton of SNL actors. Would recommend watching this too. (It’s on Netflix btw).


3. Neo Yokio – Neo Yokio is newer show created by Jaden Smith and Ezra Koenig of Vampire Weekend. The show is called an anime but it is really more of a cartoon. I really enjoyed watching the first season and I finished it pretty fast too but although it is a decent show it sort of fell through and didn’t capitalize on what they had going for themselves and was a bit of a disappointment. Overall though, it is still a decent show that I would recommend watching if bored.


4. The Office – Honestly no one should even bother reading this one since pretty much everyone has seen the office and for good reason too, it’s a great show. I haven’t been watching that much recently but it is still a great fall back show even if you have seen the whole thing 7 times over. Very entertaining, very funny, must watch if you haven’t!!


Thanks for reading!!



Abandoned Cincinnati

I have a penchant for exploring abandoned buildings and living in Cincinnati, a once extremely iconic industrial city, there is a lot of buildings to explore.  For example, even in Mariemont, the old steam plant down by Mariemont Landing that has since been torn down was a hotspot for bored kids and explorers. Here is a photo I took there of my friend Jon. (No filter lol)20161107_151652

Theres many places that I’ve heard about that I haven’t got the chance to visit. Here are my top three I want to see.


  1. Old Reid Hospital maxresdefault

This is actually in Indiana but it’s close to Cincinnati. I had the chance to go but unfortunately I had work the day my Friends went. It was an old hospital that eventually shut down like 20 years ago but still sits in the middle of the town its in in derelict.

2.  Cincinnati Subway System


Some people have heard of this but most don’t know that there is miles of derelict tunnels that run under Cincinnati and the Greater Area.  When Cincinnati was at the height of industry these tunnels were much needed but due to many cloudy and unspecified reasons and that the funding for it was never fully given, these have sat unused away from the public eye.

3.  The Crosley Building


Located right of of Colombia Parkway in the outer rim of downtown is The Crosley Building. Once filled with bustling and busy offices it now sits abandoned with many different ideas of what to do with the iconic building such as building apartments. Rumors also say that their is hidden rooms in the top offices but who knows. I would love to explore this building sometime but unfortunately it is difficult because it is closed to the public and patrolled by security.

Many other abandoned places cover Cincinnati and the nation with untold history and mysteries to be explored. Hope you enjoyed this post and learned something.

Top 5 Songs for the week of 10/15

I wasn’t planning this to be a music blog and I don’t think it will continue to be one but all I could think of for a blog post is this. So here are my top 5 songs I’ve been listening to for the past week.

  1. Members only – Gucci Mane: One of the most underrated songs off of Mr. Davis, Guwops recently dropped album. It’s a great song and already has a dope music video for it which I’ll link below. It was a pretty slow week for new music for me but this ranks at number one. Link:
  2. Senorita – KILLY: Coming in at number two is some more Killy. This song which I didn’t include in the last post is super dope with a lit hook which really makes the song. Would recommend taking a listen to. Unfortunately I don’t think its on Apple Music or Spotify but heres the youtube link:
  3. Nothin New – 21 Savage: Coming it at number three from Issa Album is Nothin New by 21 Savage. Definitely not the typical 21 Savage you usually hear but is nonetheless still really good. He also recently released a interesting music video for it. Heres the link:
  4. On Me – Quality Control, Lil Yachty, Young Thug: Most probably already know about this song but for those that don’t give it a listen. Great QC collab by Yachty and Thug. It gives off a good but interesting vibe. It really reminds me of Yachtys older music. Theres also a super cool music video too it, heres the link:
  5. It’s Okay- Trippie Redd feat. Feat. Lil Uzi Vert: Most of you guys by now have probably heard of Trippie Redd but if you wanna be a true fan you gotta know this song. The feature on this song is T-Wayne, the guy who did Nasty Freestyle the song that everyone whipped to in like 8th grade haha, but as a marketing stunt they said his new name was “Feat. Lil Uzi Vert” because Uzi and Trippie have a known beef over being each others culture vultures. Anyways its a really good song, heres the music video link:

    That’s it for this blog post but stay tuned for more. If you want to hear other songs I listen to check out my “School 2017-2018” playlist on Spotify where Im putting all the songs I listen to this year. Heres a link to it: 

Killy: The Hood Hokage

Toronto rapper, Killy, caught my eye two months ago when I discovered his song “Kilimonjaro” on Youtube. In only a short few months, Killy has racked up over 10 million views and over 60 thousands subscribers on Youtube with only three posts.

Killy’s style could be described as a dark, ambient trap sound, mixed with his higher pitched vocals and inspiration from asian cultures. Honestly, I couldn’t really compare his sound to any others as its pretty original but I would say you could draw some comparisons to Travis Scott or Lil Xan.

Killy’s meteoric rise to fame is impressive considering he only has around 11 songs out. He has been seen hanging out with the likes of Lil Uzi Vert and Famous Dexter and has been featured on Genius and No Jumper’s Youtube accounts.

Out of his 11 songs, I have three personal favorites.

  1. Killamonjaro- I like this song the best because it was the first song and heard by him and was the one that really got me interested in Killy. I personally think it produces a really dope vibe and really captures the feeling/moment it is supposed to. Here’s a link if you want to take a listen:
  2. Distance- I almost put this song as my number one but I think it was the right decision as two. In this one, I think the beat really makes the song and really sets the vibe then the vocals are the icing on the cake. Definitely a banger. Link:
  3. No Romance- This song just came out this weekend, produced by “16yrold” a producer out of Ohio. No romance is a more traditional trap song mixed with Killy’s personal style. I wasn’t a big fan of it at first but after a few listens I had this song on repeat. Definitely check this one out. Link:

Overall, Im really excited to see where his career goes and I recommend everyone giving him a chance, even if it isn’t the traditional thing you would listen to.

Jake Motto: The Future of Fashion

Walking through the halls on an average day, Senior Jake Motto can be seen rocking numerous designer brands: Versace, Supreme and Gucci. Throughout Jake’s 4 years of high school, he has become enamored and enthralled with clothes and the fashion industry.

“The fact that it is always changing and there are always new things to wear,” is what Jake says drew him into this fascination. It has led him to spending thousands of dollars on shirts, shoes, pants and accessories from many iconic brands. Jake’s dream outfit would cost roughly $6,000 dollars and includes apparel still yet to be released. He says it would consist of:

Balenciaga Sweatshirt – $1000

Bape Blue Camo Shorts – $300

Unreleased Off-White X Nike Hightops – Currently going for over $1000

Yellow Goyard Handbag – $2000

All Black Louis Vuitton Belt – $760

Gucci Ski Goggles –  $142


Although Jake is having a lot of fun now, buying and wearing clothes he loves, he still yearns for more. “My goal is to create my own fashion line,” Jake says. He plans on attending Loyola of Chicago where he can learn more about his interest.

Jake checked out Chicago this summer when he attended Lollapalooza, a music festival. Jake believes that the culture in Chicago would be a great environment for him to start his clothing line. “If I could live anywhere in the world it would be Chicago, It’s a very cool city with a great fashion scene”, says Jake.

Jake has many inspirations when it comes to fashion and is eager to share them. “The celebrity I look up to the most is definitely A$AP Rocky because he is a trendsetter and an icon in the music/fashion industry,” says Jake. He also gets a lot of inspiration from new clothing coming out and the thought that one day people could be wearing something he created. Besides that, he also likes being inspired from recent trends and other artists. Jake’s fashion also inspires and touc

hes the people around him. A friend of Jake’s and fellow Mariemont senior, Owen Dingle, says, “I admire Jake’s taste in fashion, he likes the finer things in life and I can relate to that.”

Jake looks towards his future in fashion sharing a few final thoughts. “ Everyone one should have their own style, not just wearing brand names. Through clothing you can express yourself and be yourself.”

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